BSc (Hons) Creative Computing
At Bath Spa University
BSc (Hons) Creative Computing

Excited by the collision of computing and creativity? Ever wondered how to code beautiful web apps, bring stories to life through animation, or build those intuitive little smartphone games that you just can't seem to put down? Our Creative Computing course could be for you. This course celebrates digital creativity. We teach you broad computing and design skills, from smartphone app building to VR game development and beyond. You learn your craft from ground up, through mix workshops, tech demos ,creative problem solving challenges and collaborative briefs. In Creative Computing, we teach you skills essential to creative computing and digital creativity more widely. These include programming (C languages, Java), web app deployment (HTML5, JavaScript, PHP), and asset creation (Adobe). We look for students with drive to pursue big ideas and a clear willingness to try new things. Successful applicants will be imaginative , organized and have a keen eye for detail. Programming experience is not an essential prerequisite for this course. We teach coding from the ground up. Creative Computing is almost entirely coursework assessed. You'll deliver a varied and balanced collection of artifacts including prototype software, experiment portfolios, digital interfaces, interactive stories and web apps. Project work is supported by contextual essays, reflective commentaries, sketchbooks, reports, pitches, presentations, debates, and b/vlogs. To learn more about our programme, you can visit:

3 year UG
AED 30000/- year
Scholarship Available 
Financial aid  Available.
Higher Secondary
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