Benchmark Prospects-21

PROSPECTS-21 is the virtual career fair through which BENCHMARK is helping the students to explore the best career opportunities with affordable fees. The motive of PROSPECTS-21 is “realizing the dreams”. It will serve as a mega virtual platform to link prestigious universities, higher education institutions with genuine aspirants from the UAE and India.

Partnering with PROSPECTS-21 will mark a new phase for your institution. This international event intends to help you discover the world‘s higher education market and provide a platform for collaboration in the field of academics and research.

A Glimpse

NIMS Group UAE is a premier conglomeration of educational institutions with a mission “Education for all” since 1980. Catering world-class education and digitally enhanced learning experiences, NIMS fulfill every aspect of the definition of excellence. It was the first-ever venture of its founding father Al Haj (Dr.) M.K. Kamaluddin, who envisioned affordable learning and quality education. BENCHMARK LEARNING is the latest initiative of NIMS Group, providing equity to access top universities and the finest UG/PG programs for the students.

Various international universities offering wide range of UG/PG programs

Students and parents will be visiting virtual stalls from UAE and India

PROSPECTS21 is a completely student support program. Hence it aims to debunk the myths that higher education is unaffordable and joining foriegn universities is a complex process. PROSPECTS21 plans to help find a possible financial support and takes responsibility until the student joins the college program.

PROSPECTS21 encourages to develop strong Almuni, so that it improves social contacts and opportunity to explore for job opportunities in future. Students who have discontinued education due to various reasons will be counselled to consider to join college.

Benchmark Career

By Benchmark Learning

Benchmark Learning is a company that aims to guide students into their best possible life unfolding their maximum potential. PROSPECTS-21 will ensure direct engagement between universities and students using live presentations, workshops, webinars and other engagements.Prospects 21 will help your institution showcase your institution and courses to students and hold conversations between student and university representative to help the student in the best possible way.

Website features

Designed to showcase your institution and courses in proper aesthetics and easy navigation.

Tell your institution’s story using banner image, videos, web-links and more.

Provide course details like course level, Fee, Scholarships, financial aids and others.

Facilitate meaningful, real time conversations with webinars, live meetings and chat tools.

Counsellors will be available at all times for one-on-one counselling sessions with the students. PROSPECTS21 gives opportunity for counsellors' discussion forms.

Advisory Board

Samir Bin Kamal

Vice Chairman
NIMS Group and MH Trust

An edupreneur with a mission to provide quality education to everyone. NIMS group's legacy dates back 40 years when they first introduced Indian Schooling system in the Middle East. They had also started the first international school in India. Today NIMS Group educate 35,000 students across the globe from Montessori to Professional Colleges.

Afzal Mohammed

IT Director
NIMS Group and MH Trust

Since 2007, Afzal has provided consulting to schools to embrace latest developments in technology. He had helped more than a 1000 educators to utilise ICT in daily classroom routine.
He is a Certified Google Trainer, Microsoft Certified Innovative Educator, Apple Teacher, Google Local Guide L8 as a mark of his passion in EdTech .

Karen Robinson

NIMS Dubai

A committed educator with experience from KG to Grade 12 and hold a Master degree and graduation from one of the top ten universities in the UK. She has extensive personal experience in education but also in the world of business. She believe one of our key roles as educators is to discover and maximise the potential in each individual.

S. R. Joshi

Head of Inclusion and Student Counsellor

A Professional in Psychoeducational assessments with an experience of 12 years. He has a strong background in student counselling and therapeutic intervention.

Dibyendu Karfa

SoDCo and School Counselor
The Model School, Abu Dhabi

With 21 years of professional experience, Mr. Dibyendu is a leader in student mentoring, Counselling, Career guidance, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis. He also provide Training & Development and as a Life Skills Strategist.

Intiyaz Abbas Saheb

Counsellor and Coordinator

Master of Social work in Medical and Psychiatry from Mangalore University, Karnataka, India.

Vincy John

Student Counsellor

Professional experience of 16 years with a strong background in counseling and direct practice experience with students in school environment.

Sobiya Manimuthu

Student Counsellor

Excellent life skill coach who holds a Masters Degree in Career Counseling with a combination of Psychology and Career Guidance.

General Questions :

What are the benefits of being associated with the benchmark?

a. Being associated with benchmark means-being in continuous connection with many of our school clients
b. Registered (associated) universities and educational institutions will have opportunity to interact with our outgoing students and also groom the next generation in the future prospective fields of education.
c. Competitive games, internships, opportunities and campus visits will be made possible to the student with one-on-one counseling sessions and scholarship opportunities exclusively for the registered students
d. As we have a big alumni- the opportunities not limited to our present students but to our old students as well
e. not only students but also for teachers who are interested to pursue advanced courses and further sudy would be given special focus and support.

1. Drop a mail or contact us on any of the mobile numbers provided.
2. Our Coordinators will approach yoiu and explain the process of registration
3. We will be inviting you to our webpage to give relevant details for your customized page development.