BSc (Hons) Data Sciences
At Heriot-Watt University Dubai
BSc (Hons) Data Sciences

Overview Data science is the core of the modern data analytics and engineering revolution, turning data into intelligence and information for decision-making and for solving complex, multi-faceted problems. It is a young discipline, and demand for expertise in all aspects of data science is growing very quickly. Because of this strong global demand, the role of data scientist is frequently ranked as the most promising career and consistently tops the best jobs rankings, with professionals in the field reporting high demand, high salaries and high job satisfaction. The BSc in Data Sciences programme is based on a strong mathematical and statistical foundation and emphasises large-scale data computation using the most relevant and up-to-date programming languages. Depending on their interests, graduates may find employment in the areas of business, finance, government, science, transportation, forensics, energy, the environment or academic research. The first three years of the programme are designed to provide the necessary core skills and knowledge in mathematics, computer sciences, probability, statistics, machine-learning and artificial intelligence. The fourth year offers the option to focus on advanced machine-learning, statistical algorithms and applications, data engineering, mathematical aspects of data structures or applications to artificial intelligence. Teaching quality We pride ourselves in providing students with useful skills both computational and mathematical that can be used to find interesting information in large datasets either statically or dynamically in real time. These skills can be used to find lucrative and interesting jobs in industry and commerce. Links with industry We have very strong links with external organisations and industry, with representatives of more than 30 companies and organisations attending our industrial advisory board. Much of our research is in collaboration with leading computing enterprises and students really value our research-led teaching by our enthusiastic staff. Student Lead Technology Club Our Student Lead Technology Club is an initiative to support students in using technology (either hardware, data or software) to explore the usage of and code development for new platforms, as part of a taught course or as a personal project.

4 year UG
AED 65100/- year
Higher Secondary
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