BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Retailing
At Heriot-Watt University Dubai
BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing and Retailing

Overview Our Fashion Marketing and Retailing programme confidently prepares students for a career within the marketing and retailing industry. Students acquire creative, critical and transferable skills for marketing and retailing, which are fashion focused yet broad. Students are taught the fundamentals of fashion marketing and retailing and the fashion business. We cover the primary needs of the client and the working brief, the focal point of the product and its appeal to customers/consumers, along with key skills such as merchandising, buying, logistics, promotion, advertising and trends analysis to support the product. Extensive links and collaborations with our industrial partners help students to gain a ‘live’ learning experience. Applicants should have a keen desire and aptitude in art and design areas. Ordinary degree students wishing to progress to the Honours fourth year will need to continue their studies in the UK. Why study Fashion Marketing and Retailing at Heriot-Watt University's Dubai Campus? Practical based programme with a strong emphasis on academic standards and ‘live’ collaborations. Unique British fashion education where students are involved in the global marketing, promotion, advertising and retail process. Praised highly for considerable active press and media coverage received since launching in Dubai. Accreditation The Dubai Campus is accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and fully licensed to teach its degrees in Dubai. All graduates receive a British degree that is accredited by Royal Charter in the UK.

4 year UG
AED 65100/- year
Higher Secondary
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