BA / MA (Hons) International Business Management
At Kerala University
BA / MA (Hons) International Business Management

verview The International Business Management degree programme follows a number of guiding principles that mirror the values of managers of leading organisations and reflect current business management thinking. In the first two years of all International Business Management degrees, students follow a common programme that provides a strong grounding in the principles of modern business management and also introduces more functional areas of business management including Marketing, Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour. Our students are not here just to learn facts and figures. Senior managers everywhere stress that personal skills are as important as education and intellect. Our aim is to help you become the manager of the future and so students are encouraged to develop practical business management and problem solving skills through the team development courses and group projects. We believe that the real basis for business management is experience. We will expose you to theories of business management and case studies of companies, and give you the opportunity to work on specific business management problems. In the third and fourth years of the Heriot-Watt programme in International Business Management, students choose from a broad range of specialist subjects. This allows you to tailor your degree to meet your career needs and aspirations. Why study International Business Management at Heriot-Watt University's Dubai Campus? High quality British degree programme Enhance your career in management Programme is related to industry needs Develop and enhance your skills Further your career prospects. Accreditation The Dubai Campus is accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and fully licensed to teach its degrees in Dubai. All graduates receive a British degree that is accredited by Royal Charter in the UK.

3 year UG
AED 58800/- year
Higher Secondary
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