MA (Hons) International Business Management with Operations Management
At Heriot-Watt University Dubai
MA (Hons) International Business Management with Operations Management

Overview Our International Business Management with Operations degree is relevant and practical, developing employability and professional development skills throughout. Our degrees reflect the current thinking and practices of successful leaders and organisations and will provide you with all you need to thrive in the positions, organisations and industries of the future. We take an innovative approach to learning and teaching which puts cutting-edge business theory through a real-world filter. With regular industry speakers and case-study driven assignments we bring teaching in business management to life. Please note that this programme is offered in January for students starting Year 1 entry only. Go Global with international study opportunities Our International Business Management degree will help you stand out in increasingly globalised recruitment markets and gives you the option to stay in Edinburgh or travel, study and gain experience in different business environments, countries and cultures. This is catered for by the university’s Go Global project which allows you to study your International Business Management degree at any of our campuses in Dubai and Malaysia. Accreditation The Dubai Campus is accredited by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and fully licensed to teach its degrees in Dubai. All graduates receive a British degree that is accredited by Royal Charter in the UK.

4 year UG
AED 58800/- year
Higher Secondary
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