At American University of Sharjah

Discover the blueprint for your amazing career at CAAD, where your architecture degree will give you world-class credentials to propel you into an exciting career. Learn the skillful craft of making and creating and see your full-scale models come to life. Take advantage of internship opportunities in the UAE’s vibrant design industry. Marvel at the architectural gems of Europe and Asia on one of our study tours. And find your inspiration on our very own breathtaking campus in Sharjah, a city of arts and culture as we introduce you to a world of ideas. Be regionally and internationally recognized. Setting you up for international success, our Bachelor of Architecture program is the first program of its kind outside North America to be granted accreditation by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) of the United States. This means you will be eligible for licensing as a professional architect throughout the USA. And our UAE accreditation means you will be set up for successful professional practice throughout the region. Get the perfect balance of knowledge and experience. We offer the region's most prestigious architecture program with a comprehensive curriculum and an explorative studio experience, both of which will shape your creative and critical approaches to design. Your design skills will be enhanced by our ‘culture of making’ as we immerse you in an interactive learning experience of drawing and creating. You will also have unique opportunities to join teams for travel abroad to places such as Spain, Italy and Japan, guided. by our faculty. With a strong liberal arts focus, our acclaimed program balances your technical and creative experience with a broad foundation in humanities and social sciences. This means that you will graduate with a broader understanding of the world as well as an in-depth knowledge of your craft. All of our students complete our regionally acclaimed one-year foundations program before advancing into their major field of study. Through this year, you will grow in both skill and knowledge as you have an experiential encounter with the basic practical and critical principles of design, which you will build on as you continue on with your specialized studies in architecture. Our rigorous five-year Bachelor of Architecture program is enhanced by on-the-job professional training, to make you ready for the workplace as soon as you graduate. Be inspired by our dedicated faculty. As you work alongside our outstanding faculty, you will benefit from their experience and expertise as industry professionals. Your instructors are highly qualified and critically acclaimed experts in their respective fields, taking you through an intensive, interactive and interdisciplinary journey of learning, discovery and creativity. Show off your talent. You’ll have the chance to exhibit, discuss and present your work in a variety of different forums and to a wide range of audiences, from your peers to industry leaders and experts. Become the next best thing. Our graduates are highly successful professionals who are creating an impact on the region's design, architecture and urbanism, with many also continuing on to high-profile graduate programs in Europe (e.g. the Architectural Association and the Bartlett / University of London) and North America (Harvard University, Columbia University, Cornell University, UCLA, SCI-Arc and University of Toronto). Apply today.

3 year UG
AED 96140/- year
Higher Secondary
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