At American University of Sharjah

We live in a world where creative problem solving and an understanding of the historical and social complexity of the world are vital for success in any endeavor. Our graduates can think on their feet, understand the big picture, see situations from a variety of perspectives and possess a sense of social conscience. With these characteristics a graduate can become a leader in any walk of life. Our department has produced students who have gone on to work in the governmental sector, international business, and the professions. Increasingly, many of our graduates have gone on to graduate studies at some of the most prestigious institutions in North America and Europe. One of the many exciting aspects about our department is the number of diverse courses we offer. We weave together strands from the social sciences and the humanities with political science and history. This diverse and comprehensive palette of courses forms a coherent program, rooting our students in their time and place while enabling them to handle the challenges of the contemporary world. Our curriculum consists of: 42 credits of general education courses including math, science, communication, Arabic heritage and courses in culture in a critical perspective and human interaction and behavior. 30 credits of required courses including introductory courses in anthropology, economics, history, philosophy, political science and sociology along with upper level courses in political economy and a writing intensive research course. 21 credits in a concentration in either international relations or international economics. 9 credits of major electives. Upon graduation, our students are able to: Identify and explain the impact of key political, historical and cultural developments both globally and regionally. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic concepts, analytical perspectives and methodologies employed in the disciplines of anthropology, history, philosophy, political science and sociology. Evaluate source material for validity, accuracy and biases. Communicate effectively in writing and in oral presentations. Compare and contrast cultures and systems of value. Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of ethical behavior and social responsibility. Demonstrate the capacity for independent research.

3 year UG
AED 96140/- year
Higher Secondary
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