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Psychology is the scientific study of the human experience. A discipline that can be applied to all aspects of everyday life, psychology considers both the internal and external factors that affect people and how we think, behave and develop. Psychologists are fascinated by the internal functions of the mind, seeking to understand human development and the behavior of individuals, organizations and even nations. Since the time of Ancient Greece, the study of psychology has been at the very foundation of human development and education. Today, a degree in psychology is one of the most popular qualifications across the world, with graduates leading in an expanding range of professional fields. Psychologists are lifelong learners, influencing individuals, organizations and society as clinical mental health workers, business professionals, organizational psychologists, social workers, educators and criminal justice advocates, among other professions. FInd our program brochure here. PROGRAM MISSION The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BAPSY) at AUS provides students with a broad knowledge of the field of psychology as well as a solid foundation in research, analysis and ethics. The BAPSY is rounded out with a wide range of complementary liberal arts electives, ensuring graduates are fully equipped to apply their new knowledge and skills in a varied range of professions and sectors, including the health, business, government, social and education sectors. PROGRAM GOALS The Bachelor of Psychology program seeks to: provide students with knowledge of psychological theory, methodologies and applications foster critical thinking and an ability to develop evidence-based arguments enhance students’ academic, communication and interpersonal skills provide students with the ability to use psychological knowledge and skills for professional and personal development foster the development of cultural, social and ethical competence PROGRAM OUTCOMES Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will be able to: describe and apply key concepts, principles and overarching themes in psychology apply evidence-based thinking, technical skills and ethical principles to the process of designing and analyzing psychological research interpret, explain and evaluate scientific sources of information, both verbally and in writing apply psychological knowledge to the development of personal and professional goals and skills demonstrate an understanding of social and cultural factors that influence human behavior ADMISSION TO THE PROGRAM Admission to the program follows the university’s undergraduate admission requirements. AUS students transferring into the program must have achieved a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50. At the discretion of the department, students who do not meet this requirement may be allowed to register for PSY 101 and PSY 250. Students who successfully complete PSY 101 and PSY 250 with an average of 2.50 or above will be admitted into the program. For more details, please check with the head of the department or the associate dean of the college. For information on how to submit a change of major request, please refer to Fields of Study/Change of Major under the Academic Policies and Regulations section in the undergraduate catalog.

3 year UG
AED 96140/- year
Higher Secondary
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