BEng Honours Electronic Engineering
At Middlesex University Dubai
BEng Honours Electronic Engineering

The BEng Electronic Engineering programme aims to produce professional and competent Electronic Engineers capable of playing an active role in meeting the challenges and opportunities that arise in contemporary industrial and commercial practices. Students will develop core electronics design capabilities, which are developed and enhanced progressively through the course. This programme explores the principles underlying the design and implementation of up-todate analogue and digital systems needed in a variety of problem domains and provides the opportunity of realising such systems. Graduates of the programme will be well equipped for careers as Design Engineers, CAD Technicians, Electrical Engineers. They will be able to work in areas that include electronics, automotive, IT, telecoms, manufacturing and many more. Why Study BEng Honours Electronic Engineering? The programme will enable students to build upon existing familiarity with Mathematics and Sciences and develop their skills in: the use of laboratory and test equipment; creation of models and prototypes of engineering systems; writing computer programs; applying mathematical methods, computer models and scientific approach to solving problems in engineering design; and implement them successfully, thus meeting the requirements of the industries in demand for electronics engineers. Students will focus on learning analogue and digital electronic theories and putting these into practice by building a range of complex electronic circuits using the latest industry hardware and software methods and tools equipped in our labs and workshops. The course also introduces students to the design and implementation of system-on-a-chip and systems engineering approaches to problem solving. The special features of the programme are: Practical hands-on work in modern ESD protected labs to illustrate the application of theory and concepts. Practical competencies in Electronic Engineering. Students have an edge as the University works with companies such as Dell, IBM, Oracle and SAS in addition to being Cisco Net Academy – meaning the student will have access to the latest equipment, and can make use of specialist teaching materials and workshops. Programme content is enriched by providing industry engagement opportunities to students through industry speakers and field trips. Enrolment into the CISCO academy and opportunity to complete CCNA course. Develop project management skills related to electronic engineering projects and opportunity to implement these skills in the final year project. Develop transferable technical skills as well as a strong background in professional ethics. Career coaching is available through the Careers and Employability Service. Option to transfer to London campus.

3 year UG
AED 55700/- year
Higher Secondary
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