Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics
At Amity University, Dubai
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Economics

Why choose this field? Economics is a subject at the core of the commercial world. From the way our governments and international agencies work to the way we manage our own personal resources, economics is a force that drives it all. This programme offers a thorough understanding of Economics which will empower students to better understand the world of economic issues. Students will learn about economic analysis, economic policy formulation and its implementation. The programme also focuses on fostering analytical skills and critical thinking abilities, along with core knowledge about the subject area. All this will enable students to either find employment or utilise their skills for higher studies and research. Programme description The B.A (Hons.) Economics is designed to give students a thorough understanding of Economic concepts added with analytical methods of Economics. It develops analytical skills and prepares our graduates for employment and further study in economics. The course is structured to ensure that thorough coverage of both quantitative and theoretical aspects of Economics is made. Furthermore, the programme aims to expose students to the corporate and the professional world through a summer internship programme.

3 year UG
AED 40000/- year
Higher Secondary
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