Bachelor of Technology (Mechatronics)
At Amity University, Dubai
Bachelor of Technology (Mechatronics)

Why choose this course? Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that integrates several types of Engineering – mechanical, electronics and computer science. It is essential to discovering electronic intelligent systems for automation and manufacturing. Whether it is design, testing or production, Amity University Dubai’s Mechatronics programme includes the study of various aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering. As the need for technology increases, most mechanical systems are embedded with microcontrollers. The programme covers the modelling and analysis of systems, sensing instruments, controls and actuators in process industries. Students will gain strong analytical and practical skills, along with the ability to be innovative and solve problems. The programme prepares students to become excellent engineering professionals and technocrats in Mechatronics Engineering. Programme Description This 4-year course includes the study of Automation and Robotics. The curriculum will also cover Industrial Process Control, Manufacturing Automation, Electric & Hybrid Vehicles, Automotive Engineering, Industrial Automation, Automated Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, IoT and more. Students will gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the diverse areas of Mechatronics Engineering. It is unique blend of rigorous fundamentals and engaging real-world applications in the field of Mechatronic Engineering. Students will also get an in-depth understanding of key technologies in data sciences and business analytics, like data mining, visualization techniques, predictive modeling and statistics.

4 year UG
AED 48000/- year
Higher Secondary
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