Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (Honours)
At Amity University, Dubai
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Law (Honours)

Why choose this field? A law degree can be greatly rewarding both in terms of salary levels and personal development. While the BA LLB provides all the key ingredients of a well-rounded law degree, it also provides a firm bases in areas such as Humanities and Social Sciences, all of which will help law graduates to develop a comprehensive understanding of the policy, society and the judicial system of the UAE, India and International communities. Courses include Public International Law, Private International Law, Maritime law and International Environmental law. There are employment opportunities in multiple countries including the UAE, India and the wider MENA region exist within the banking, insurance, health, finance and other sectors. Banks operating in the UAE are especially interested in hiring UAE trained students. Programme description The five year integrated programme prepares students with the syllabus mentioned in BCI Rules together with specialisation of domain electives so as to equip them to appear before courts and tribunals and perform other essential roles of law professionals. The programme structure is framed to bridge a crucial gap and creates synergies by bringing management and law together. Important skills such as research, critical analysis and synthesis of complex ideas are developed throughout the course by way self-work, outdoor activity, workshops and five summer internships in NGOs, commissions, legal firms, and other companies. Practical training Practical training in the form of an Internship is integral to the programme. Additional practical elements include moots, which is the simulation of real cases through Moot Court pro bono services, and legal writing, which includes the filing of an FIR, affidavit, drafting of a will and report writing. These are all integrated into the law syllabus so that students can develop their skills as well-rounded practitioners.

5 year UG
AED 35000/- year
Higher Secondary
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