BSc (Hons) Archaeology
At University of York
BSc (Hons) Archaeology

bout the history of humankind than ever before.​ From new scientific techniques in archaeological fieldwork to the analysis of human and animal bones​, BSc Archaeology allows you to explore the past and its people from a scientific perspective. You can follow your interests in any time period, from the Palaeolithic to the 21st century. You'll develop your skills in a broad range of archaeological methods across the arts and sciences, through a combination of hands-on learning and small group teaching. Our department is renowned for being friendly and welcoming, meaning you'll get to know your lecturers and they'll get to know you. You'll have endless opportunities to get involved, from joining the Archaeology Society to working abroad on a research project. We're based in the King's Manor in the city centre - a beautiful and truly unique Medieval building, with additional state-of-the-art facilities on the main campus.

3 year UG
GBP 18350/- year
Higher Secondary
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