BA (Hons) Global Development (with a year in industry)
At University of York
BA (Hons) Global Development (with a year in industry)

Explore theories and practices of sustainability and global justice with tools from across the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. We are all responsible for the drive towards a fairer world. This course will equip you with the skills to become a leader of change. You'll further your understanding of global inequalities and develop an awareness of how various organisations interact with each other as they contribute to, and resolve, problems such as global exploitation, environmental degradation and injustice. Supported by the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre, you'll learn through a problem-based approach, applying your skills to tackle real-life issues from the very first day. You’ll gain the leadership skills and creativity needed to succeed in a range of careers in the private and public sector, non-governmental organisations, advocacy organisations, the media, research and consultancy.

3 year UG
GBP 22650/- year
Higher Secondary
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