MBiol (Hons) Biotechnology and Microbiology
At University of York
MBiol (Hons) Biotechnology and Microbiology

Our integrated Masters in Biotechnology and Microbiology examines how microorganisms can be used to produce improved therapeutic drugs, and why an understanding of microbial evolution is important for controlling pathogens. This course is ideal if you want an interdisciplinary approach to Biotechnology and Microbiology. You will have a wide range of options to tailor the course to your developing interests. Microorganisms are an important but often overlooked form of life. They are causative agents of many diseases, and can be harnessed to produce a wide range of useful products including antibiotics and other medicines. Microbes are also vital for providing multiple ecosystem services and are crucial for agricultural systems. They can provide the means to decontaminate polluted environments and act as important models for understanding biological processes. At York, you will learn about the practical application of biological knowledge to economically important areas, such as health, food and the environment.

4 year UG
GBP 22650/- year
Higher Secondary
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