Bachelor of Science – Cyber Security
At Curtin University
Bachelor of Science – Cyber Security

The world runs on technology, and many are prone to a high risk of cyber-attacks. Our Cyber Security course will teach you exactly how to protect your devices operating systems, networks, and data. In recent years, cyber-attacks have caused untold damage to businesses and governments. All projections indicate that this will only increase shortly due to the advancement of technology. This course will help prepare you for a career in the exciting field of Cyber Security. Our Cyber Security program will provide learning on many aspects of the subject including, securing hardware, networks, operating systems, and data. You will learn about data encryption, cyber forensics, and network intrusion detection by working on real-life case studies ensuring that you have the knowledge and experience by the time you graduate.

3 year UG
AED 56700/- year
Scholarship Available 
Financial aid  Available.
Higher Secondary
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